Annual Report

Dear Residents of Troy, 

Thank you for your interest in my work on your behalf in City Hall. From renewable energy and climate change to sidewalk improvements and blighted buildings, to pocket parks and trail networks, it has been a busy year, focused on improving the quality of life across our city while reducing the cost of living here.

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Community Choice Aggregation

The City of Troy just entered into an agreement with the Municipal Electric & Gas Alliance to explore the potential of a Capital District CCA. Working with over a dozen other Capital District municipalities, we will negotiate more affordable and predictable energy prices for households across the city. Learn more about the process at

I have been working closely with Troy's Sustainability Task Force and other stakeholders across the region to explore options to expand on the savings offered by CCA through Community Solar, which will be an important tool in the coming year to drive the development of local renewable energy resources, save residents money on their electricity bills, and meet aggressive state and local carbon dioxide pollutant reduction goals. 

Please be on the looking in the coming year for public education sessions and other information as we move towards implementation of this policy.

Sidewalk Assessment

Working with the City Planning Department, the ADA coordinator, and the Independent Living Center of the Capital Region, we undertook a block by block assessment of sidewalk conditions throughout the Downtown, in order to prioritize investment in improving walkability.

We also approved $100K city funding for sidewalk repair in 2020, in addition to existing sidewalk repair conducted through the CDBG program each year.

While sidewalks are legally the responsibility of the adjacent property owner, all of us are negatively affected when they are un-maintained. I believe there is significant opportunity to work with property owners to collectively bid and finance needed repairs through a sidewalk program. This has been done in the past here in Troy, and we are exploring a similar implementation in the coming year.

Plastic Free Hudson River Act

Troy took an important step this year in unanimously passing the Plastic Free Hudson River Act, which aligns with the State wide ban on plastic bags to add in a ban on single-use polystyrene (styrofoam) containers, and a requirement the straws be provided only upon request, not to every customer regardless of their need/desire for one. The full details can be read here. I was happy to support the development of this program and continue to work towards the reduction of litter throughout our neighborhoods. 



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