Troy NY City-Owned Property Sale

Below is a map of city owned foreclosed properties in Troy, NY—available for purchase via sealed bid from July 1, 2020 ending on July 31, 2020. 

Using the map:

  • Click on a location bubble for information about a particular property.
  • View photos and more information in the city of Troy's Real Property Database by clicking the "Link to more information" link. Note that you may need to click the "Click Here for Public Access" button to view.
  • Instructions on submitting bids can be found on the City Assessor's Foreclosure Site

About this Map:

Troy City Council Member, Anasha Cummings created this map as a demonstration project. It shows how use of information technology in government can help improve the quality and accessibility of services. We hope it is helpful to you, and helps the city find more interested buyers to purchase foreclosed properties and get them back on the tax rolls. Making public information available to the public through the internet is top on Anasha's agenda. Read more here

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