Anasha Est?

The name of the committee to elect Anasha Cummings for Troy City Council, at large, is "Anasha Est."

It is a cheery nod to the City of Troy motto, which is "Ilium fuit, Troja est." This city motto is in fact based on a famous passage from the Aeneid, an ancient Greek myth written by Virgil.

It translates: Ilium was, Troy is. ("Ilium" was another name for ancient Troy, however, so... the motto also means "Troy was, Troy is.") Are you with us here?

Therefore, "Anasha Est" means... "Anasha is." We chose this "motto" because it represents our commitment to running a campaign that honestly and unapologetically embraces who Anasha is: a jovial, thoughtful, compassionate young man with a striking ginger mane.

But since Anasha is the most Anasha-y person we've ever encountered... he is also the "Anashaest."

At Anasha Est, we believe that politics should be fun, educational and enjoyable. Ultimately, we feel our intelligent but playful approach to local politics will engage the greatest number of voters and denizens in Troy, New York.

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