Raise the quality of life, while lowering the cost of living

Modern thinking about our infrastructure

I believe that the core goal of local government should be to raise the quality of life, while lowering the cost of living for people here. We accomplish this by providing top-notch services that are easy to work with and responsive to the needs of citizens. I studied user centered design at RPI, a practice of deeply working with people to understand what is needed, and design systems to accomplish those goals. One of many things I learned is that we have to think about integrations, about how systems interact and how we can best impact the whole.

An immediate priority for the city is our water and sewer system. From single points of failure challenging the integrity of our system to continued fines for combined sewage overflow dumping into the Hudson, to a massive water supply infrastructure projects that need to be built in the next few years, our water system is in need of an overhaul. I will work to make sure that this happens efficiently, and integrates well with our natural and energy systems through watershed management and inline generation where applicable.

We are lucky in Troy to have so many vibrant natural spaces woven through our city, however, they are rarely used and celebrated as they should be. These natural resources, when leveraged with trail and park infrastructure, could provide massive quality of life improvements to people throughout Troy.

Beyond the basic municipal services, I believe that the city of Troy should build strong public-private partnerships to modernize our energy, lighting, transportation, resource recovery, and internet infrastructure, in order to provide higher quality services.

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