ENJOY TROY TRAILS – On National Trails Day

Anasha & Duncan celebrated National Trails Day by hiking the "Emerald Necklace" of Troy, NY. This spectacular trail system passes by: industrial ruins, impressive waterfalls, and inspiring Hudson Valley vistas. Stay tuned for more information about Troy's natural wonders by visiting:

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ANASHA TALKS REGIONAL TRANSPORTATION Campaign Platform Item #2: Improving Infrastructure Join Anasha as he rides the rails, riverboats and busses from Troy, NY to Hudson, NY, via Albany & Rensselaer, to see what transportation lessons he can learn from these neighboring Hudson Valley cities. Along the way, he will run through a rainbow, drop some cool stats on the true cost of automobile dependency, and show how Troy is connected to the world in a way few people get to see these days. Special thanks to All Over Albany & Duncan Crary for organizing the "Rail, River, Hudson!" event featured in this video. Learn more about the Anasha Cummings » Troy City Council campaign: Music:

Posted by Anasha Cummings » Troy City Council on Monday, July 20, 2015
Red Beard Party Convention, Aug. 11 @ Takk House

PETITION TO CREATE RED BEARD BALLOT LINE IN TROY "There were people who said 'Oh you could never win an election with a beard like that. I don't want to change the way I am in order to run for office." -- Anasha Cummings for Troy City Council, At-Large On Tuesday, Aug. 11, from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., Cummings' supporters will host a "Red Beard Party Convention" at the Takk House, a unique downtown Troy event venue located at 55 3rd St. The free admission event will feature music by DJ Trumastr, a cash bar by Rare Form Brewing Company and more. Lighting and Effects by Nick Nealon of Nicky Lightz Productions. Event Planning Assistance and Logistic Support by Corey Aldrich of 2440 Design Studio. Guests, who are eligible, will add their signatures to the Red Beard independent nominating petition. Voter registration forms will be available. Donations to "Anasha Est," the committee to elect Anasha Cummings, will be welcome. RSVP: TALK TO THE BEARD Every guest at the Red Beard Party Convention will receive a wearable cardstock red beard mask, featuring a hand-illustrated cartoon beard by local artist Ben Karis-Nix on the front and information about the Anasha Cummings » Troy City Council campaign on the backside. (Watch video to see this fantastic campaign swag in action.) "It's really helpful as a candidate to be this recognizable and to be able to be seen and flagged down from across the street," said Cummings. "When I'm walking on the street, it's quite often that someone will come up to me and say 'Hey you're the guy running for office,' and then I'll have an interesting conversation with a constituent. People come over and talk to me about what they want addressed or what they're concerned about in our city." WHY FORM NEW BALLOT LINE? “I believe strongly in the power of democracy. But I have many supporters who don't belong to a political party and don't want to, because they feel disenfranchised by political insiders," said Cummings, an independent Democrat backed by Team Troy, a coalition of nine candidates running together with Working Families Party support. "The Red Beard line is not a formal political party, so it offers a way for anyone to vote for me without having to lend support a specific party. Plus it is fun." Watch this amazing and hilarious video to learn more about Anasha’s unique campaign for local office. Wait till the very end to see Adam Cresko of Roosevelt Grooming Company cut Anasha's beard. Feat. Original campaign music by Ragliacci (Kristoph DiMaria), the cast of Star Wars, Billy Possum and you, Anasha's supporters. For more information about Anasha's campaign platform, visit: RSVP:

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ENJOY TROY'S WATERFRONT - ANASHA CUMMINGS FUNDRAISER RSVP at for this fundraiser at the Troy Motor Boat and Canoe Club on July 7th at 5pm-8:30pm Invite Friends:

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Pledge Now or The Red Beard Bows Out

WOULD YOU VOTE FOR ANASHA ON NOV. 3? Pledge Now or The Red Beard Bows Out If you want Anasha Cummings represent you on the Troy City Council, you need to him know for sure that you will vote for him in the Nov. 3 General Election. Anasha needs to hear from 1,000 registered voters by Oct. 9 or he will gracefully bow out of the race. It’s crunch time, people, and we’re now in this campaign’s Kickstarter-style, all or nuthin’ phase. Go to and pledge now. THE STORY SO FAR Everybody likes Anasha. But will you vote for him in the Nov. 3 General Election? Although he is a life-long registered Big “D” Democrat, Anasha Cummings, 26, fell just shy of winning the Sept. 10 Democratic Primary.* He did, however, win nominations from the Green Party and the Working Families Party. That means that you will not find Anasha’s name on the Democratic line on the ballot in the Nov. 3 General Election. But you will find him listed on the Green and WFP lines. Now, we know, because we’ve talked to many of you, that Anasha has a broad base of support across all political party lines -- Democratic, Republican, Working Families, Green, Independence. We know many of Anasha’s supporters are “Blanks” meaning they are not enrolled in any political party. And we also know that “Blanks” are the second largest voting block in the City of Troy after the Democrats. The question is: will you vote for Anasha Cummings in the Nov. 3 General Election if he stays in the race? He needs to hear from 1,000 of you who are registered to vote by Oct. 9. It’s make or break time. Let’s do this. WHAT’S THIS CAMPAIGN ALL ABOUT? Anasha Cummings has a great sense of humor, and he doesn’t mind poking fun of himself. But make no mistake, he’s no joke. He received 896 total votes in the Democratic, Green & WFP primary races this September, and that’s not shabby for any candidate, of any age, in any party. But it’s worth noting that Anasha earned those votes at age 26 without the endorsement of a major party but rather with a strong record of community involvement and a substantive campaign platform. Anasha Cummings is a candidate like no other, running a campaign that throws out all the conventions of local politics. He is audaciously working to address the challenges of our day at the local level. His platform has four areas of focus: Citizenship Infrastructure Global Perspective Chocolate You can read more about them at Anasha Cummings » Troy City Council ###

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Campaign Jingle for Anasha Cummings

WHAT KIND OF TROJANS VOTE ANASHA? The Official Campaign Jingle of Anasha Cummings Watch this delightful music video for the official campaign jingle of at-large Troy City Council Candidate Anasha Cummings. We dare you to press play and not crack a smile. After one viewing you’ll be singing this catchy tune all day. (“He’s a giant ginger Mensch!”) If you would like an Election Day reminder to vote: Text "Nov3" to (518) 353-6040 or sign up at Want to do something really fun? Let’s actually “robocall” this old-fashioned brain worm to 15,000 registered voters in Troy! Why not? It’s a lot more fun and friendlier than those usual campaign calls. Donate today and help re-invent local politics: About This Video: Music performed by Kristoph DiMaria a.k.a. Ragliacci Recorded at SwordPaw Music Mixed by Mitch Masterson Concept by Duncan Crary Videography & Editing by Ethan Seeley Filmed on location at Famous Lunch and around Troy, New York. Special thanks to the staff and customers at Famous Lunch, Linda O'Malley, Patricia Cumo, Paula Hebert, Eric Ferraro, Ian White, Keep Albany Boring, Neil Grabowsky and Armour Hot Dogs. Anasha Cummings » Troy City Council

Posted by Anasha Cummings » Troy City Council on Thursday, October 22, 2015

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